Nothing Lasts

12 June 2017

...Except it does when it comes to The Distractions. It's now 40 years since the first gigs played by Mike, Steve, Alex, Pip and Adrian, at those legendary lost Manchester music venues, the Electric Circus, Rafters, and The Ranch. 

Mike and Alex are still at it, with the new Distractions Live band, and again they were on top form at the recent gig at The Witchwood in Ashton-under-Lyne. An undoubted highlight was a terrific version of the lost track 'Nothing Lasts', Adrian's classic slow-burner that has recently been re-recorded and released on the 10" mini-album, The Distractions Go Dark, on Occultation Recordings.

As Steve explains: "Adrian Wright wrote this song in the final days of the first Distractions line-up and the band split before there was chance to record it. Our friend David Quantick reminded us of its existence and it seemed too good not to revise. It would have made a good 'b' side to Time Goes By So Slow."

Catch The Distractions Live soon, at the MancsGiving charity gig day now rearranged for Saturday 8th July, and at Glaston-BURY Festival in Bury on August Bank Holiday Monday. Rumour has it, that the band have been rehearing even more classics from the back catalogue, which have yet to be played live this year...

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