Introducing... Jonny Poole

Original Distractions, Mike Finney and Alex Sidebottom, are also joined  in The Distractions Live, by...

Jonny Poole, guitar  

In the mid to early 1980s as a young 19 year old, Jonny Poole and Myles Jackson were signed briefly to Factory Records. Their demo, 'Swedish Forest', got them noticed by Lindsey Reade (the first Mrs Tony Wilson and Artists & Repertoire lady at Factory). Eventually 'Yes It Is' was recorded with the late Marcel King on vocals. It was only ever released on white label though. Jonny later fronted his own band, The Gift Shop, and they played the usual Manchester haunts - The International, The Boardwalk etc. Mick Middles compared them to  "Manchester's late, lamented, The Distractions", no less!

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