Introducing... Joe Brehony

Original Distractions, Mike Finney and Alex Sidebottom, are also joined in The Distractions Live, by...

Joe Brehony, bass

Joe Brehony is a long-time friend and associate of The Distractions from the very early days. He played bass with The Things in the early 1980s with John Maher from the Buzzcocks. The Things released a very well received single 'Pieces Of You' which regularly features in the best of Manchester music compilations. The Things are still gigging and have recently released two fantastic EPs. Joe first played with The Distractions Live at Jon the Postman's memorial gig in October 2015. This saw The Things open for "Mike Finney & Alex Sidebottom from The Distractions" at the Tiger Lounge in central Manchester.

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