Introducing... Chris Dutton

Original Distractions, Mike Finney and Alex Sidebottom, are also joined in The Distractions Live, by...

Chris Duttonguitar  

Chris is best known for his time as bass player in both Factory Star and Blue Orchids, and as guitarist in Kill Pretty. He played guitar from a very early age before swapping to bass at the age of 11. His path first crossed with The Distractions in August 2012 when both Factory Star and The Distractions played two sell-out gigs at the Kings Arms, Salford, together alongside the June Brides. In 2015 Chris was asked to play bass with Mike Finney and Alex Sidebottom of The Distractions for a memorial gig for the legendary Jon the Postman. Since then Chris has swapped over to play guitar in The Distractions Live!

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